About Us

John R. Frankhouser, Accredited Land Consultant

John R. Frankhouser is a registered Forester (SC #1409), Accredited Land Consultant and Land Broker specializing in farms, timberland, recreational land and timber investment properties. With a degree in Finance with emphasis in Real Estate and over 25 years experience in land sales, forestry and land & forest management, he has a thorough understanding of land and timber and the opportunities associated with them. John has worked on properties of a few acres to tens of thousands of acres in several states across the southeast. He is a member of the Realtors Land Institute (RLI), a national organization specializing in Land Sales, serving as Georgia Chapter President for 5 years, as well as serving as chairperson on several national committees. John has also written and taught “Timberland Evaluation and Analysis” for RLI in states across the country.

With John’s background, experience and association with the national network of land brokers in Realtors Land Institute, the chances are excellent that Green Hill Land & Timber, LLC can make a big difference in your land and timber investment.

Steve Pickard

Steve has been a registered forester (GA #001783) for many years and brings much wisdom to our firm. One of Steve’s many expertise is he takes high quality color aerial photos. This type current information is invaluable in stand typing property and determining land values for land brokers and foresters. The photos are also a great feature for landowners to have and enjoy. Steve is exceptional in handling all type forestry related activities. Steve’s expertise, integrity and professionalism is exactly what we require, you need and Green Hill Land & Timber provides. If you have questions of Steve, please contact us and we will have Steve give you a call.