A Bright Spot in the Real Estate Market

The hot spot we have been following is agriculture and farmland. We keep in touch with our friends in the Realtors Land Institute (a National Network of Land Specialist) around the country staying current with trends and developments. A recent article published by one of our friends in the mid west states farmland prices have risen 20%! The top five earnings years for the farming industry in the last three decades have occurred since 2004 according to our friends at Martin, Goodrich & Waddell. [Read more…]

Summer Scouting for Big Bucks

I asked an old hunter if he was excited about deer season coming in. He said he did most of his hunting during the summer and did not hunt much in the winter.  Now there is a whole load of issues with that statement. What he meant was he did his scouting in the summer when the bucks were all packed up together. In the summer there is little activity or “pressure” in the woods and the bucks are lounging around looking for food.
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Whats Up with Your Timber and the Timber Market

Just about every industry is affected by the current state of the US and Global economy. The timber industry is certainly affected as well.  We see local and global trends dictating supply and demand causing fluctuation in the price we get for our timber products.  Landowners need to ask a few questions about their timber investment before making an investment strategy or cashing in on their timber investment. [Read more…]

What Do You Want From Your Forest

I have found that landowners have many different expectations from their land. Their goals and uses vary widely. One very important factor they all have in common is that they all have a great desire to be good stewards of the land. Our goal is to understand the landowner and develop a plan to help them succeed in accomplishing their goals and help them be the best steward they can be. [Read more…]

Better Planning and Focus Required in these Uncertain Times

A recent news cast said the problem with the economy and our financial outlook is that we have no direction from our elected officials. We are faced with more government regulation, more spending and growing deficits. There is no way to plan or develop a strategy for the next several years. No one can give us a clear explanation about anything with any certainty, which has caused a lot of anxiety, distrust and sleepless nights. What should we do and where should we invest? It is clear to me that now is a good time to be frugal, develop a strong game plan and remain focused on that plan. [Read more…]

Buying and Selling Land in a Depressed Market

It goes without saying; we certainly are in a depressed economy with very little consumer confidence. I don’t want to analyze how or why we got here or when recovery will be apparent. Everyone has an opinion of this, but I believe we are at the bottom and we will slowly climb out. What we do want to discuss is strategy for buying and selling land. [Read more…]

Our Expectations for 2009

With the elections, high fuel prices and the housing mess we have experienced, 2008 has been an interesting year for everyone. The media frenzy has also been a drain on consumer confidence. I am optimistic that in 2009 we will see improvement in our economy. There is a huge amount of capital on the sidelines waiting for that spark of good news. There are funds in place with more on the way that should ease the credit crunch and stimulate growth. We are beginning to see activity from buyers looking in our local land market. [Read more…]

Herbicides and Fertilization in Forestry

I recently attended a continuing education course for my forestry license. This stimulated some thoughts that might interest our clients and readers. Many landowners are reluctant to spend additional money on timber stands. The length of the rotation or time it takes to receive any benefit for the capital invested in the stand takes too long. If you view your timber stand like a corn or soybean crop, you have to control competing vegetation and fertilize or you will not have any yield at the end of the year. [Read more…]

Your Land & Legal Issues You Need to Be Aware Of

Over the years, Green Hill Land & Timber has helped many clients. Most have very few complications with their land and title to their land. However, we have run across a few problems and would like to make you aware of some of the necessary issues that need to be addressed. GHLT is sharing this article with you for information purposes but wants to be clear that we do not provide legal advice. The important topics addressed below are to stimulate thought and help you ask the questions that need to be answered. [Read more…]

Find The Holes In Your Wildlife Management Program by Mark Buxton

Here is another article by Mark that reflects on how important it is to have a complete year-round program. To have the best results, a management plan is limited by it’s shortcomings. Mark has implemented plans all over the southeast with fantastic success and again, we appreciate him sharing some of his thoughts. [Read more…]