Summer Scouting for Big Bucks

I asked an old hunter if he was excited about deer season coming in. He said he did most of his hunting during the summer and did not hunt much in the winter.  Now there is a whole load of issues with that statement. What he meant was he did his scouting in the summer when the bucks were all packed up together. In the summer there is little activity or “pressure” in the woods and the bucks are lounging around looking for food.
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Find The Holes In Your Wildlife Management Program by Mark Buxton

Here is another article by Mark that reflects on how important it is to have a complete year-round program. To have the best results, a management plan is limited by it’s shortcomings. Mark has implemented plans all over the southeast with fantastic success and again, we appreciate him sharing some of his thoughts. [Read more…]

Wildlife Plots – What Should I Plant? by Mark Buxton

In our travels looking at land, timber and recreational properties, we meet many interesting people with a variety of talents and expertise. Recently, I met Mark Buxton, who is a very talented professional in the area of habitat management. Mark’s expertise is manipulating and enhancing wildlife habitat to promote trophy bucks, turkeys, ducks, quail and other species of game all around the country. He created one of the most successful hunting properties in the southeast. This resulted in Mark being awarded the inaugural Al Brothers Deer Manager of the Year Award from the Quality Deer Management Association. After spending a half day on one of our larger more diverse properties we have for sale, it was clear to me that Mark’s knowledge and character made me want to develop a relationship with him. I asked Mark if he would let me post a few short simple articles on our web site to stimulate some thought to our readers and he agreed to share some with us. This is the first of hopefully many articles that we hope you will enjoy, help you with your wildlife, and raise some questions for Mark or myself. Mark’s contact information will be at the end of all articles and many thanks to you, Mark. [Read more…]