Change – Inevitable & Continuous

Change – Inevitable & Continuous

Change is a word we have heard a lot since 2007. We have all seen it and felt it. We are all affected by it. Change is inevitable as we learn and grow. As we mature through life and with time, our views and opinions change based on our experience, finance, technology and many other things. It is a continuous process that must be accepted and embraced. Not all change is what we would consider positive but, for better or worse, have to adapt to.

Lane - view 5What does this have to do with your land and timber investment? Understanding how our market is changing requires us to change strategy to achieve our goals. We have to find new and innovative means to compete and find success for our clients. This also means we have to work a little harder in gathering information and knowing about your investment to make a sound positive decision. We also know that there are no short cuts in making sound and prudent decisions. If you have done adequate due diligence, the best or correct answer or path becomes clear.

Green Hill Land and Timber does the due diligence required. Success for our clients is a direct result of hard work and understanding the land and timber business. Confidence in our decisions comes from years of experience and working with other professionals that stand out in our profession. Networking and sharing new ideas is essential to help us do the best job for our clients.

One of the biggest changes we have had to adapt to is banking regulations. There is money available for land purchases but guidelines and qualifying for loans isdouble loaders 1  much different than pre-2007. We are seeing increased sales of all size tracts since December of 2015. Until a few months ago most sales were of smaller tracts unless there were significant discounts in pricing.

Interest rates on treasuries remain low, stock market fluctuation and price volatility makes investor consternation understandable. Land is an attractive hedge on john deer feller buncherthis volatility and uncertainty. Consumer credit is still very low and financing is very attractive but you will have to have sufficient down payment. Returns on land, timber and agricultural land are a reasonable and safe investment assuming you have adequate time in your planning horizon. We are experiencing a surge in calls, activity and sales in land investments of all sorts. We are also seeing more buyers wanting land in the country as a change from city life.

So change is here and the investors are rethinking strategies. The economic wheels do seem to be churning and we have an optimistic view. There is still much uncertainty in our changing world but positive things are happening. Due diligence is imperative in finding the right land investment for your needs. We can help you with this very important decision. It does not cost anything to make a call to see what we can do for you.