“Change” The Fact of the Matter

Opinion or Truth? Every commentator on every network has their opinion which they call “the fact of the matter” or truth. So I will offer my fact of the matter or “opinion”.

Government manipulates various parts of the economy by changing policy, regulation, interest rates, taxes, lending requirements and so many other factors. Changing these various factors is an effort to stimulate Corporate America, Small Business and Individuals to change or participate in certain behavior.

If the business community and general population, what I call the market, want to participate in this directed behavior, things seem to trend in that direction. If they don’t like this policy or direction, you have an unfavorable reaction. I find it interesting that Corporate America has huge cash reserves, profits and earnings yet we are in a double dip recession with no clear path out from our leadership in Washington. I know individuals with large amounts of cash waiting for the right environment for them to participate or invest. The market is hording cash. This behavior has basically stopped the United States of America in her tracks.

It is obvious the “Change” we have heard so much about has stimulated the wrong behavior, or has it? A true leader inspires a nation and encourages prosperity. A leader stimulates prosperity and provides an environment to work and succeed. Teach a man to fish so he can survive, don’t just give him an entitlement.

The fact of the matter is when the proper environment is created, the market will respond. When the proper “Change” has occurred, the people of the United States of America will show the world that “The People” One Nation Under God rule this great land.

If the proper leadership and change is demonstrated coming into the November election of 2012, we will see an immediate change in confidence in the people of this great nation. There are many positive factors waiting for the correct environment for us to begin to thrive and prosper like we always have. Be active and participate, for what is happening in our country is one of the most important times in history. And remember, under all is the land and land is a good investment.