Country Living – How does your garden grow?

There are many reasons to own property. We see a growing interest in people getting back to basics. Organic farming, big gardens, no herbicides, organic fertilizer, fresh eggs and range chickens are some of the reasons people are inquiring about land. One of our clients has some of the last remaining genes of the Piney Woods Cattle and goats brought over by the Spanish settlers.People want to be healthy. They want to grow their own vegetables and meat, free of chemicals, hormones and whatever else goes in our food today. Some of the more expensive restaurants are catering to this type of menu. What is running around in my yard eating unwanted bugs and weeds have been classified as range chickens and have a high bounty on their head. The eggs are great but I will never eat enough eggs to pay for the coop! I don’t walk barefooted in the yard any more either. Chickens are hugely comical, too. Our Rhode Island Red Rooster has some gorgeous feathers and is a fantastic protector of his little harem.

Some of the vegetables my wife has in HER garden are sweet corn, tomatoes, squash, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, other assorted peppers, varies peas, beans, okra, watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew (the melon), asparagus, tomatillo, assorted cucumbers and some stuff I don’t know what it is. My wife also has a raised bed planted in herbs. Some of the herbs we have are purple and green basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, lemon balm, borage, pineapple sage and a couple others. She has put up some awesome pepper jelly and pickled okra. We also freeze a considerable amount of vegetables, too.

We had to fence the garden to keep the chickens and deer out. We don’t use any chemicals in the garden. For Valentines Day, I gave her two truck loads of _ _ _ _ or compost I think they call it. You would have thought I was the greatest man on earth for that present. A compost bin or pile is recommended for organic fertilizer. We have one and it works if you can keep the “range chickens” out of it. I am privileged to get to work in the garden upon demand. Some awesome meals come from the garden. We also have fruit trees and blueberries, which are supposed to be incredibly healthy.

We enjoy the country living. I get many calls from people looking for land. A growing number of them are looking to raise or grow their own chickens or vegetable gardens. It saves them a little money and gives them a little exercise.  It is a good feeling to see your garden grow and an even better feeling once it is harvested and on the table.