Screven County GA – 250 Acres

Property Details

Jackson Branch Tract is an excellent timber and hunting property. The land has excellent soils that have produced an grand stand of timber. Timber volumes are posted below. Timber is mature and would bring a premium with a properly prepared timber sale. With great soils comes a healthy wildlife population. This tract has an abundance of deer and turkey as well as many other game and non-game species of wildlife. Access within the property is very good with several wildlife patches. The turkeys have destroyed last years chufa fields.

Timber Volumes:
Pine Sawtimber                3,926 Tons +/-
Pine CNS                            3,354 Tons +/-
Pine Super pulp                2,494 Tons +/-
Pine Pulpwood                 2,667 Tons +/-
Hwd Pulp                           3,829 Tons +/-
Hardwood Logs                380 Tons +/-
Total Tons                    16,650 Tons +/-

We think this is one of our higher quality timber investment tracts and would encourage you to inspect the property. Property is also an incredible recreational opportunity, too. Please let me know if you would like to visit the property.

The information contained herein was obtained from sources deemed reliable, but no liability is assumed for errors or omissions. Purchasers are encouraged to independently evaluate all characteristics of the herein-described property. Notice to Brokers is posted on our website.

Property Photos