Summer Scouting for Big Bucks

I asked an old hunter if he was excited about deer season coming in. He said he did most of his hunting during the summer and did not hunt much in the winter.  Now there is a whole load of issues with that statement. What he meant was he did his scouting in the summer when the bucks were all packed up together. In the summer there is little activity or “pressure” in the woods and the bucks are lounging around looking for food.
By mid to late June, horns are pretty far along in there development and you can have an excellent opportunity to see what bucks you have for the coming season. Deer are less skittish and more apt to come to good summer food plots or agricultural fields. The old hunter did his scouting early and knew where the best buck was using and what the best rack in the pack was. He focused on this buck when the season started because he knew what the buck looked like and where he was. He did not waste time and create additional pressure on the herd during early season.

When scouting in summer months, you typically do not need to get too close to the herd. Pressure is a huge part of having a successful season. Use some good glasses and view from a far. Try to stay down wind. All you want to do is pick out your buck or get an idea of what bucks you have. Trophy hunting requires you to leave your lesser buck to grow.  I usually leave my stand in the woods but check it out in early September. It is ready to hunt when the conditions are in my favor. Always be safe and enjoy the woods.