Two Most Important Factors in Selling Land

Two factors that have a huge effect on the successful sale of your land is product knowledge and market knowledge. We keep statistics on our marketing, tracking who, what and where our leads originate and general listings activity. We also follow other trends in marketing of land and rural property. There are hundreds of places to spend money marketing, but where do you put ads that actually produce real buyers?

Buyers for rural property tend to look in areas other than MLS or If you are searching for the traditional home buy, go to those sites. They work very well for that market. We have found that many of our leads have come from years of direct mailing and market awareness of who Green Hill Land & Timber is. We also reach outside of our market by participating in several huge networks utilizing the internet and national organizations that specialize in rural land, farmland, timberland and recreational properties. We have a strong local presence, but also have many non-local buyers contacting us. The ability to interact in both of these markets is hugely important in successful marketing.

Knowledge of your product is equally important in successful land sales. If you are contacted by some of the sophisticated buyers we reach, you must understand all about your product. These types of buyers are usually busy and want all the data necessary in decision making in a brief, condensed package. This means you need a professional with knowledge of the product being sold or you are already at a disadvantage.

Green Hill Land & Timber understands our product and we know where to find the few buyers there are in our specific Market. We specialize in rural land and this is our expertise. We have the forestry background necessary to market timberland deals and make them work. When it comes to land and wildlife management, we have developed many properties optimizing the specifics of the landowner’s needs and goals. We understand rural land, what it takes to market the product and where to market your product. We would like the opportunity to help you with your land and timber and make it a successful experience.